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Controlled Atmosphere System Solutions

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores retain the low oxygen atmosphere needed for long term storage using specially designed measurement and control systems of the surrounding atmosphere.

Because all fruit and vegetables have unique demands with regard to temperature, humidity, CO² and ethylene levels, it is essential that modern storage facilities are expertly planned and installed. We apply our many years of knowledge to achieve maximum efficiency to every project from a single fruit store to large complexes.


We are the UK’s only installer and maintenance provider for ICA Instruments’ state of the art ICA6000 CA Control System. This automated measurement and control system for CA storage provides optimum produce quality combined with maximum storage life and is now as economically viable for a single room as it is up to 48 rooms, from one system.

Complete data recording and PC Operator interfaces are available and these systems are suitable for controlling almost every type and manufacture of CA machinery. Upgrades are available for existing ‘Oxystat’ systems.

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