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CO2 Scrubbers

Carbon Dioxide adsorbers are used to remove Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from a gas tight Controlled Atmosphere (CA) store for fruit and vegetables.

We are the UK’s only installer and maintenance provider for Van Amerongen’s state of the Systems.

Just like us, fruit and vegetables respire using the oxygen (O2) that is naturally present and as a result produce CO2. When a CA store is sealed the respiration of the fruit will decrease the O2 and the CO2 will increase. Ultra low oxygen (ULO) storage requires that the CA stores are extremely gas tight. As the name suggests ULO storage requires minimal oxygen levels present in the store and to be able to achieve this it is important to have the right equipment. When using a single bed absorber in combination with a lung minimal oxygen levels are easily achievable in a tight store.


There are considerable advantages in including a manifold in the design and planning of new CO2 adsorber installations.

By minimising the mixing of different store atmospheres the need for the use of nitrogen can be kept to a minimum, particularly when there are regimes where the CO2 is kept below 1% but there is a need for higher oxygen to be present. This scenario would require a higher number of adsorbtions resulting in a shared pipeline being continually exposed to higher oxygen levels.

When combined with an Auto Ulo system that is measuring circulated air from a store, the influence of the higher oxygen levels is evident in the performance.

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