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Energy Saving Technology

Refrigeration plant makes one of the highest demands on the National Grid and your bank balance. Energy prices are constantly increasing and we work to reduce running costs of your equipment.

From the smallest of applications to a major complex, we look at the most efficient equipment to use. This philosophy not only applies to new installations but also modifications and retro fit to existing equipment.

We look at every enquiry in fine detail to establish the most suitable solution to provide energy saving refrigeration plant. Our designs will incorporate the latest innovations, which may add to the initial price, but provide substantial energy savings for the duration of the plant life cycle, often with a surprisingly short payback period.

We work closely with our customers to consider not just the initial outlay, but the longer term running cost implications. By providing 'payback period' analysis our customers can make informed decisions on their capital outlay.

Could your existing equipment cost you less?

To benefit from the latest energy saving technology you do not have to invest in a complete new system. If you have a well maintained existing storage complex, we can advise and offer solutions to reduce your running costs.

We regularly undertake, on behalf of our customers, energy surveys of their refrigeration plant. Providing recommendations of how to achieve the most cost effective energy savings, often recognising the potential to release valuable power capacity for other projects.

We are succeeding in lowering energy usage and therefore your carbon footprint of your operation.

Energy saving devices supplied and installed by our refrigeration, electrical and controlled atmosphere departments:

  • Inverter Driven Compressors
  • Electronic Expansion valves
  • Inverter Driven Condenser Dans
  • Inverter Driven Evaporator Fans
  • EC Fans
  • High Frequency Lighting
  • Evaporator Pressure Regulating
  • Occupancy Detectors for Lighting
  • Inverter Driven Irrigation Pumps
  • Inverter Driven Scrubber Fans
  • Heatpump and Heat reclaim technology

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