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New Systems

We offer an air conditioning consultation service at your premises including a full survey and design service with no obligation, free of charge.

Our service ranges from small splits systems through to full VRF systems which also includes water chillers and chilled water systems which can be used in air conditioning or process cooling applications.

Small Split System

This is a basic entry level system suitable for homes or small commercial premises such as dentists, opticians, florists, a small office or shop where a single room is to be air conditioned.

The system consists of one indoor unit which provides cooling or heating as required to the conditioned room and one outdoor unit which either rejects the unwanted heat (when cooling) or collects heat from the outdoor air (when heating) even when the external temperature is below freezing.

There is a wide variety of indoor unit designs and outdoor unit capacities ensuring the flexibility to meet the most challenging of air conditioning needs. From aesthetic wall-mounted and floor-standing designs to ceiling-recessed cassettes, abundant options are available to match virtually any interior design.

Split System (Single, Twin, Triple or Quad)

The split system has one outdoor unit and up to four indoor units for cooling or heating the same space, the system capacity would typically be from 3.5kW up to 25kW.

There is a wide choice of indoor units available for the split system such as ceiling cassettes, ducted, high wall, low wall, floor standing and chassis units.

These systems offer the convenience of being compact yet powerful; a combination that ensures excellent performance and flexible installation. Available in a variety of capacities and design combinations, ideal for creating a "best match" system for your air conditioning requirements.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-Split systems are ideal where several small rooms require air conditioning with individual control, heating and cooling is possible but not simultaneously. The indoor units are similar to the small split system range. The indoor units are connected to a single outdoor therefore limiting the amount of outdoor units required.

VRF Systems

VRF air conditioning systems are suitable for many larger premises such as offices, hotels and retail premises where a number of areas need to be air conditioned. These systems can offer large capacity outdoor units connected to many indoor units. There are a wide variety of indoor units available to match the individual needs of each conditioned area. Each indoor unit can be separately controlled either locally or remotely.

VRF systems are available in either heat pump or heat recovery format, both systems provide heating and cooling with the heat recovery option being able to heat and cool simultaneously.

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