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Nitrogen Generators

Whether the store is DCA or traditional CA, a Nitrogen Generator is often needed to create the correct balance of gases.

We are the UK’s only installer and maintenance provider for Van Amerongen’s state of the art Nitrogen Genertaors.

Around 78% of the air that we breathe is made up of Nitrogen, so there is no need to make any more. These machines filter out the Oxygen from the atmosphere, along with CO2, small amounts of other gases and water vapour, to create a supply of virtually pure Nitrogen. This is then pumped into the store, gradually displacing the normal air until the desired level is reached. Air from the store is regularly analysed to ensure that the atmosphere is maintained within set parameter

The optimum level for Oxygen varies according to a number of factors, including;

  • Variety of fruit
  • Growing conditions
  • State of maturity at harvest
  • Temperature in store

Our VPSA-oxygen adsorber removes the oxygen from the air, leaving an adsorber gas with a high nitrogen content.

The VPSA uses a circulated system that creates a small over-pressure that can even overcome a small leakage of the cold store. This way a low oxygen level is guaranteed. The adsorber is available in various capacities.
The adsorber shown uses the VPSA principle. VPSA is an acronym for "vacuum pressure swing adsorption". For this process two tanks filled with special active carbon are used. In a step-by-step process alternately positive and negative pressures are created in the tanks.

Our PSA (pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generator produces nitrogen from air by removing oxygen, having a typical residual oxygen content of 1%. The PSA is suited to producing large amounts of nitrogen under a high delivery pressure

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