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The Palliflex storage system is suitable for short and long-term storage under CA and ULO-conditions. The uniqueness of this system lies in its ability to set individual gas conditions per pallet, making this universal system highly suited for storage of soft and small fruit and different types of vegetables.

We are the UK’s only installer and maintenance provider for Van Amerongen’s state of the Palliflex System.

Storage per pallet means that parts of the stock can be distributed without disturbing the storage conditions of other units. This offers the threefold advantage of minimising product loss, maximising market advantage & adaptability, and gaining price benefits.

The Palliflex unit consists of a cover and a synthetic pallet. The cover is made of durable and transparent PA/PE or PU foil, which is guaranteed to remain supple, even at low temperatures, with the added advantage of high moisture-resistance. Because of its form-fitting properties, the cover ensures very high gas-tightness to the pallet, which in turn lends itself to excellent gas tight conditioning.

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