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Soft Fruit Rapid Chilling

For many products, rapid chilling is an essential requirement to ensure product quality is optimised before storing. For businesses, this provides maximum quality and therefore premium price for your produce. STS are specialists in the chilling of soft fruits and can design rapid chilling systems to suit the demands of individual requirements.


By using forced air cooling combined with maintaining humidity levels to prevent damage to the fruit, the soft fruit is loaded in plastic trays onto pallets and then loaded into our specially sized rapid cooling tunnel. The tunnels are designed to ensure the field heat is removed, and the flow through the tunnel cools the produce down to temperature where it can then be graded and packed.


Our new Hydro Cooler removes field heat from cherries faster and more effective than traditional methods. With our new system, the fruit is washed with clean potable water as it cools with no damage to the fruit as it passes through the cooling tunnel.

Our Hydro Coolers are designed by our engineers to suit your individual capacity requirements and maximise your output and minimise the time your cherries our out before storing.


We undertake to design bespoke blast chillers and freezers to suit your requirements and are available for a variety of products such as soft fruit, pies, cakes and cooked meals.

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