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Refrigeration Service and Maintenance

Our service extends well beyond the date of completion. We keep in regular contact and are always available to provide maintenance advice on all your refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

We offer maintenance to all types of refrigeration systems and can tailor our offer to your exact needs. It is essential to regularly check for leaks of refrigerant from your refrigeration unit, there are 3 good reasons for this:


Reduced downtime for your business

Increased energy efficiency

Both save you money!

Many common refrigerants are powerful greenhouse gases.
For example – 1kg of R134A has a global warming potential about 1,430 times greater than that of 1kg of CO2 (*Sourced from The Carbon Trust)


It's illegal to knowingly vent refrigerant. So as soon as you know of a leak, take immediate action to find and fix it.

Some business we have helped have already reduced their energy costs by as much as 20% by implementing simple actions that produce quick returns. It aids your business to operate at peak efficiency reducing downtime and regular maintenance increases efficiency for peak performance.


We pride ourselves on our highly trained, highly qualified team of service engineers. We provide the added assurance of around the clock service 365 days a year.

We know you need to be operational at all times so our aim is to respond usually with a visit on the same day. Our highly skilled team ensure that equipment operates effectively and efficiently, helping to reduce energy costs and prolong equipment life.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote for a service and maintenance contract.


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