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Secondary Refridgeration Systems

We design bespoke secondary refrigeration systems tailored to individual budgets and cooling requirements depending on your business set up and application.

The systems we offer utilise the latest HFC refrigerants in the primary circuit and the use of hydro-carbon natural gas refrigerant, in some cases, can also be used as a green solution.

These secondary systems can be designed to allow for further expansion plans providing a cost efficient opportunity for your business to grow. These systems are offered for application requiring temperature down to approx. 1˚c although we can design options to provide lower temperatures also.

Generally, these systems negate the requirement for leak detection systems which are required for primary systems according to the new F-Gas regulations due to a lower refrigerant charge.

We offer two types of fluid for secondary systems:

These secondary systems consist of an externally sited liquid chiller which saves on space within a storage complex and is sized to match the load specification.
The chillers have a built in circulating pump or pumps and can have a choice of primary refrigerant charge which is 'low charge' compared to direct expansion equipment, reducing your obligatory F-Gas requirements. Various options are available and tailored to your exact needs

Hycool® is a potassium formate solution, whichcan also be used as a secondary cooling fluid. With its lower viscosity Hycool® is easier to pump than traditional Glycol, therefore reducing energy used.
Hycool® also has very good thermal transfer properties, which means that heat is removed quickly from the stores which is very useful during the pull down period.

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